David Winston - President

David Winston is the president of The Winston Group, a strategic planning and survey research firm in Washington, DC. Winston has served as a strategic advisor to Senate and House Republican leadership for the past 15 years. He was formerly the Director of Planning for Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and advises center-right political parties throughout Europe. Additionally Winston was a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation where he did statistical policy analysis and econometric modeling. In the private sector, he has advised Fortune 100 companies on strategic planning and brand reputation. Winston has lectured at The Wharton of School of Business, MIT, Harvard, and the National War College. His writings have appeared in a variety of publications, and he authored the chapter on Strategy for the college textbook Campaigns and Elections American Style. He is credited for originating the concept of “security mom” and played a key role in developing the narrative “where are the jobs” for the 2010 election cycle. Winston is an election analyst and part of the election decision desk for CBS News, and a weekly columnist for Roll Call.

Myra Miller - Co-Founder

Myra Miller is Co-Founder of the Winston Group. She has worked with House and Senate Republican Leadership and Conferences for over a decade on strategic planning, communications and policy issues. She was closely involved in helping develop the successful House Republican leadership strategy and narrative for the 2010 elections. She has worked extensively on policy issues related to health care, medical innovation, the economy, and taxes including the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Prior to joining the Winston Group, she served as Political Director for the Alabama Republican Party. In May 2019 she was a presenter at TEDx Foggy Bottom with her TEDx talk entitled “Is Your Voice Heard” about improving public discourse and leadership. She has a Masters Degree in International Studies from the University of Cambridge. She is certified in Blockchain Business Foundations by the Blockchain Training Alliance.

Caitlin Peartree - Vice President for Policy Research

Caitlin Peartree is the Vice President for Policy Research for The Winston Group, a strategic planning and survey research firm in Washington, DC. Since joining the firm in 2015, she has worked on numerous qualitative and quantitative research projects to understand public opinion and voter decision-making in both politics and specific policy areas. Her work focuses primarily on K-12 and higher education, but has also included health care, tax, and immigration policies. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame.